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Who is Bryan Koci?

I was born on April 5th, 1989…then a bunch of stuff happened.

Fast forward to December of 2009, I bought my first Digital SLR, a Canon 40d, while working at Best Buy Santee in the camera department. I don’t have any cool stories of working in the darkroom with my grandfather (I’ve never even shot film – GASP), but it was actually the technicality of the camera, the ability to create something unique, and my drive to become an expert in what I was selling at the time that drove me to take up photography.

My first year of photography I did a little bit of everything, learning the basics and tried to find out what interested me most. I photographed everything from little league sports to nightclubs and raves, from live band performances to portraits. It was this first year that taught me what I liked to photograph and what I didn’t which pointed me to weddings and portraits.

I LOVE photographing weddings – it’s one the happiest day of people’s lives, everybody is happy (most of the day), there is great food and music, and it is challenging enough to keep things interesting. Photographing weddings gives you a little bit of everything – fast bouquet toss sport shooting, photojournalism for candida and the ceremony, portraiture with the bride and groom, architectural shots of the reception, product photography of the details and jewelry – the list goes on and on.


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