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Richard Tancil #WhoAreYouPortrait

Richard is my second participant for my #WhoAreYouPortrait, and I’m really stoked on it! We worked together at Best Buy about 5 years ago and he has seen me start as a photographer (and I was BAD when I started) to grow to where I am now. As with the portrait of my dad, Steve Koci, I wanted to incorporate things that were important to Richard, what made him who he is today.



What do you like to do in your spare time?

“There are really only 3 main things I do in my spare time/for fun. Draw,shoot and ride my motorcycle”

Because of this, we incorporated his Nikon D2xs, the 2 GoPro cameras mounted to his bike, and his bike itself.

What is most important to you?

“Family, friends, my dog, art and sports. Also, volunteering my spare time shooting sports for El Capitan’s yearbook.”

To show his family, Richard brought a few photos of his grandparents and Mom. Of course, the SD on the bike showing his love for both his city and sports team, and the camera and earbuds showing the love of art (in all it’s many forms).

What makes you comfortable?

“My family, small group of friends, and my street bike. I can get away from the world if I need a reset and to be back at peace. Or even if I just want to have a good afternoon, and am already happy”

Richard describes himself as a laid back dude, and I can certainly attest to that. We chose this location because I really wanted to get a feel for him escaping; just Richard, his bike, and the things he holds most dear. I wanted to show off the sunny San Diego weather and the warmth and fun of it all.


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